The Accolo Difference

Our goal is to become a partner that you can count on. We function as your very own internal recruiting department to not only help you "fill jobs", but to help build your employer brand, improve the candidate experience, and to create custom strategies that help you deliver the most value from recruiting. 

1alsl28-default-star-gold-32px_01a018018018001000.png 88% Hiring Manager Satisfaction

We provide you with the highest levels of hiring manager satisfaction on the market.  In fact, we're twice as high as the industry average. That means we help you make the hires you need when you want them.

fa34a475-location-icon.pngStrategic Partner

We deliver a faster-time-to-hire, lower your recruiting costs, and continuously improve your recruiting processes. In addition, we implement strategies to maximize your employer brand, create employee referral programs and leverage social media.

9b329416-settings-icon.png Staffing Firm Elimination

We eliminate your need for third-party staffing firms and expensive contract recruiters. You don't need to pay outrageous costs to make great hires!